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Alex Roush
Alex Roush Architects
To Whom It May Concern:

As principal owner of Alex Roush Architects, I would like to briefly describe my experience while working with Arrighi Construction, LLC. Throughout many projects spread across the gulf coast, this general contractor put forth great effort to involve our firm as well as the owner in the building process. The on-sight construction crew bought into the idea that each and every dialysis center was more than just a building; it was an environment that would serve the community in which we were building for years to come. Each and every dialysis center we completed would help to make patients lives better, more functional and the entire team bought into this mission. Arrighi Construction's attention to detail made each and every project flow smoothly from start to finish. Our architectural firm works with many contractors throughout the southeast US; Arrighi Construction is by far one of our favorites.

Alex Roush
Alex Roush Architects